Continuous monitoring

SAAC’s maintenance and service works activity has experienced sustained growth for several years because it responds to a difficulty: to bring together and coordinate SMEs or building tradesmen for interventions lasting a few weeks.

It uses general contracting methods to cost, plan and execute these interventions. Our multidisciplinary maintenance and service work teams are involved in the maintenance, rehabilitation, renovation or regulatory compliance of buildings, with all trades (TCE) intervention in free or occupied sites.

Customer side.

Customers benefit from both the flexibility of an SME and the power and expertise of a large group. For all customers – local authorities, companies or individuals – it is the guarantee of the same quality of service.

Thanks to a dense territorial network, the network’s collaborators intervene everywhere in Africa with a great reactivity.

A personalised follow-up is set up with support at each stage of the worksite, which makes it possible to establish a lasting relationship of trust.